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The D2SOS Online Academy is a membership only training programme designed to boost your skills and also your confidence.

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With the D2SOS Online Academy programme, you will get step by step training and all the expert support you need in order to improve your technical and tactical skills, gain more confidence, and become the master of the ball. The D2SOS Online Academy is a monthly based subscription, designed to help you improve over time by offering you new content every week.

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Your Subscription at a Glance

By signing up to D2SOS Online Academy you will receive new and exciting content every week, via a variety of bite size resources such as videos, session plans and articles.

Here is a breakdown of the first few weeks of your subscription. And don't worry if you don't like it; there's no contract so you can cancel anytime. Why not give it a try!

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Week 1

Ball Mastery/Introduction to Confidence

We welcome you to the academy. Begin your journey in your first week by learning some fresh and exciting ball mastery skills as well as learning about the importance of showing confidence on the pitch. There will also be a cool ball mastery game that you can try. A great welcome to the D2SOS Online Academy!

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Week 2

Ball Mastery/Skill Games/3 Key Attributes

This week you will continue to challenge your ball mastery by introducing even more skills for you to practice. You will also have access to a cool skill game that tests your first touch. There will also be a confidence workshop detailing 3 key attributes you can learn to show on the pitch. This week is a good one - have fun!

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Week 3

Ball Mastery/Skill Games/Confidence Workshop

This week you will continue your journey with some testing ball mastery content as well as giving you the chance to take part in some cool dribbling races. Can you make it to top of the leaderboard? And the confidence workshop this week will be based around the importance of positive reactions. What a week.

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